Xjadeo - X Jack Video Monitor


Robin Gareus

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Xjadeo is a software video player that displays a video-clip in sync with an external time source (MTC, LTC, JACK-transport).

Xjadeo is useful in soundtrack composition, video monitoring or any task that requires to synchronizing movie frames with audio events.

Xjadeo supports a multitude of video file formats, display libraries and sync sources. It includes an optional GUI called qjadeo that provides setup options, file history, video import/transcoding and control of Xjadeo's run-time parameters.

Primarily developed for the GNU/Linux operating system, there are also binaries available for Win32 and OSX.

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Table of Contents

Build and Install Instructions
System Requirements
Build Dependencies
Building Xjadeo
Using Xjadeo
Quick Start
Video Formats
Invoking Xjadeo
qjadeo - Graphical User Interface
Notes for OSX Jadeo
Xjadeo on Windows
Interacting with Xjadeo
Common Setups
Troubleshoot & Support
Known Issues
Remote Control Interface
General Commands
Video File Commands
Synchronization Commands
Monitor Window Commands
Notify Commands
On Screen Display Commands
Response Format
Open Sound Control Interface
Advanced Features - Artistic add-ons
Cave/Panorama mode
Action Override
A. Manual Pages
xjadeo — display a video-clip in sync with an external time source
qjadeo — GUI front-end to xjadeo
xjremote — CLI remote-control to xjadeo
xjinfo — Display A/V file info in XML format.