Ready To Run - Binary Releases

Latest Release: version 0.8.7 from November 2016: What's new?

You must have the JACK Audio Connection Kit installed to properly use xjadeo.

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Xjadeo is a universal binary. This version of Xjadeo runs on OSX ≥ 10.5.0. 64-bit Intel (x86_64), 32-bit Intel (i386) and 32-bit PowerPC (PPC). However the PPC variant does not support openGL and falls back to use quartz/graphics.


Xjadeo is a 32bit windows application. It should run on all versions of Microsoft Windows, starting with Windows XP.


Xjadeo is a statically linked binary compatible with all versions of GNU/Linux on the Intel/AMD architecture that have a X-windows system and libc ≥ 2.16 (pretty much all systems since 2008). However it requires libjack (either jack1, or jack2) to be present.

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