Advanced Features - Artistic Add-ons

Xjadeo's core functionality - to display a given video frame at a certain point in time - is not only useful for post-production but has applications in media-art installations.

There are two major features which are not enabled by default:

operations to modify the time-code: multiply (slow-down/speed-up), offset and wrap-around/loop.
allows to display a sub-section of the image.


Time-scaling adds three additional parameters to modify the displayed frame. They are applied in the following order:

  1. scale - multiply frame-number (default: 1.0)
  2. offset - add integer to frame-number (default: 0)
  3. wraparound - add/subtract (multiples) of movie-length if the current time-stamp is less/above the movie-duration (default: off)

These parameters can be set via the remote-control described in the section «Remote Control Interface» or by as OSC documented in «Open Sound Control Interface».

Cave/Panorama mode

The Panorama mode needs be enabled at compile-time using ./configure --enable-framecrop. When enabled Xjadeo will crop the image width to 50%. The x-offset can be modified with the keyboard, remote control or OSC commands - see the section called «Open Sound Control Interface» and «User Interaction» in the manual.

It is intended to be used with two neighboring movies stitched together:

  A B C D

To pan across boundaries, the files have to be re-loaded (using OSC or remote-control).

Action Override

Using the set override remote-control command, it is possible to disable certain key-bindings or window-events and limit user interaction with the monitor window. The value is a bitwise combination of flags:

11ignore 'Esc' keypress / quit
22ignore "window closed by WM" / quit
34(osx only) menu-exit / quit
48deprecated - unused (was: button 1 / resize)
516disable A/V offset control
632don't use jack-session
764disable jack transport control
8128disallow sync source change
9256disallow file open
Table 4. Interaction Override